Top 10 Best Lamps for Bedrooms 2020 UK – Innovative Lighting Solutions

Forget about all those traditional bedroom lamps 2020 UK which you see everywhere. I will discover the most beautiful, modern and stylish Bedroom lamps collection for you.

List 10 Stylish Lamps for Bedrooms 2020 UK

1# Albrillo Dimmable Bedside Lamp 2020 UK

Albrillo brings a totally new shape bedroom lamp to enhance the look and give your room a look which you always wanted. This lamp is not just good in the look but also have the latest technology. This lamp for bedrooms has the features like; touch control, 3 levels dimmable control, RGB colour changing option and 24-month warranty. This lamp is available in two different styles. It is a rechargeable and portable lamp which you can take with you while travelling for camping or late night picnic at the beach etc.

2# Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp 2020 UK

From the top, it may look like a very traditional lamp for the bedroom but its stand is just WOW. I must appreciate the designer behind this lamp who has incorporated both the technology with nature by replacing the bored lamp-stand with the stylish one which has been inspired by the stones. For the instant, it may look real but are not real at all. Due to its size and style, you can place this lamp in any part of your house including the bedroom, kid’s room, and living room or even in the college dorm etc. It is available in two basic colours, grey and black and pink. The candelabra base bulb is perfect for this lamp.


3# Modern Lampshade for DIY Home Decor 2020 UK

If you are tired with all those side table lamps for the bedroom, then you need to look at our third lamp in this list. This is not just a lamp but art which can be fit in any part of the house easily, even you don’t have the side table to place the lamp, then you must purchase this lamp which will not only provide light in dark but also can be used as a decoration piece. IT is available in different colors and size but due to high demand, you can only found it in white color and medium size at the moment. By putting the bulb of a different colour, you can change the colour of the whole lamp within seconds.

4# Crystal Silver Table Lamp 2020 UK

Some household looks very expensive due to their look while they are not very expensive at the price. This lamp is one of them. At first sight, you will fall in love with this beautiful lamp for the bedroom. It is a perfect lamp to turn any random situation into a romantic situation due to its look and warm light for the bedroom. This lamp has been made with about 100 pieces of crystal which shine when you turn the light. Due to the crystal around the lamp, you will get an interesting light pattern in your room. It is fit not just for the bedroom but also for the study table or dining table.

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5# Mini Ceramic Globe Table Lamp 2020 UK

It does not matter how to advance a lamp can be turned but no one can beat the traditional look of the bedroom lamp. This lamp is the mixture of both, the tradition and style. By adding the globe stand at the bottom of the lamp, the designer has taken the boring table lamp to a whole new level. The wide top of the lamp gives better light in the room at the night for study purpose. By size, it is not very big, which means that you can place it in any room whether it’s your office, bedroom, kids’ room or even the college dorm etc? The main reason to like this lamp is its base which can match with the fabric shades easily.

6# Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp 2020 UK

This lamp is one of the most sold items on Amazon and it should be because of its simple but attractive look. Due to its design, it can be fit at any place easily, whether it’s side table or study table. It is available is so many different colours, so you can easily purchase one which matches the decor of your bedroom.

7# Light Accents Touch Table lamps 2020 UK

This is the only product in our list which comes in the set of two. There are two reasons to add this product to our list; first, it comes in the set of two which means that you can be placed these lamp on both sides of your bed and second the price which is very low as compared to other lamps in our list. The traditional looking lamps are the favourite of everything, that’s why you will see that hundreds of people have purchased them from Amazon and rated as one of the bed set of lamps for the bedroom. The top of the lamp has been made with the fabric which gives a beautiful and soft light in the dark.

8# Light Accents Medusa Silver Floor Lamp 2020 UK

If you are looking for something totally different for your bedroom, living room, dining room or the office, then you must look at this lamp. The picture of this lamp simply justifies its colour and style. It is not a table-based lamp but a standing lamp which very lightweight and exclusive design. Its adjustable arm allows you to point the shade in a different direction. At one time, you can place five bulbs in this lamp. So, do not hesitate to do something different but putting a multi-coloured bulb in this lamp. It is great for the kids’ bedroom too.

9# Stacked Stone Ceramic Table Lamp 2020 UK

It may be one of the expensive lamps for the bedroom in our list. If you asked me about the price, I will say that this lamp truly deserved to be expensive because it does not just have look or style but everything which you want to see in a bedroom lamp. By adding the real stone on the sides of the lamp’s stand, the designers have made this lamp very special. Defiantly, there is no rule to place this lamp in another room but I would suggest you that you should keep this lamp in your bedroom only because it is meant for the bedrooms only.

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10# Dailyart White Table Lamp 2020 UK

This lamp has been marketed as a lamp for the bedroom but it can be fit in any room of the home easily due to its stylish and modern look. The size of this lamp is not very big which means that you can place it on the table, side table or just on the supporting shade in the kid’s bedroom. This lamp has health features because it will protect your eyes due to gauze which is surrounded around the lamp and gives very soft and comfortable light. You can change the colour of light simply by putting the colourful bulb inside the lamp.